Here are many of the activities that we've been involved in since our launch on 1st July 2018.


Keep Swindon Tidy

Keep Swindon Tidy is an initiative to restore love and pride to our town, ending the culture of littering.

Refill Swindon logo of a drop of water on a blue background with Refill Swindon written elaborately
Refill Swindon

Refill has so far saved around 100 million pieces of plastic from polluting our environment. It has just expanded...

Growing South Swindon Community

This organisation can help reduce plastic pollution in various ways. Its key aims are to improve shared spaces in south Swindon and enhance community.


'Birds and Bees' radio show

We are represented on the revamped 'Birds and Bees' environmental show on Swindon 105.5.



Effective legislation required to deal with plastic pollution has not been forthcoming. We lobby local MPs about important issues towards enacting effective legislation.

Councils: borough and parishes

We work and engage with the parish councils and borough council in various ways.


Ongoing engagement with businesses, especially as part of Refill Swindon's work.

Schools and colleges

Education is key to driving change.


A plastic elephant and a plastic face made from recycled plastic by an artist from local charity Ipsum

We provide education on plastic pollution, run stalls, give presentations and attend other events, including online.

Lush naked products and cork soap container
Zero waste is Lush

2 events with Refill champion, Lush: A litter pick for the start of Plastic Free July 2023 and Charity Pot Scheme raising money for us from the 28th to 30th July 2023.

"My Town My World": mural and workshop

Collaboration with Artsite on this vibrant town centre mural and workshop.

Nude Foods

The zero waste shop in Old Town was conceived and supported by our campaign. Sadly it closed due to various problems.


How to keep plastic out of the environment? Ecobricks to the rescue?

No Plastic Bands fliers
No Plastic Bands

A series of gigs to raise awareness of plastic pollution, our campaign, and to entertain the lovely people of Swindon.

A group of people crocheting at a table at an event at the Baker's Cafe

What does learning crochet have to do with homelessness and plastic pollution?

Armchair activism

Get comfy and put the world to rights!

Film screenings

We have showed The Story of Plastic and Addicted to Plastic. Online screenings available.

Old Town Festival

How much waste is produced at a festival? We attempt to reduce that.

Plastic Free Blogs 2019

New year's resolutions with Swindon Climate Action Network's Plastic Free Blogs.

Our Plastic Feedback

In solidarity with the national event, we spent the afternoon outside Sainsbury's