Summer of Refills campaign

There has been much disinformation about the safety of reuse and that of plastic in relation to COVID-19. This has seen an unnecessary rise in the use of plastic packaging; profitable for the plastics industry, bad for health.

So let's get the facts straight:

  • Over 100 scientists recently issued a statement indicating that reuse is safe if simple steps are taken.
  • A recent study tested several materials to see how long viruses survived on them. Plastic was one of the two worst substances, with viruses lasting up to 3 days on it.
  • Plastic creation furthers disease.

'Summer of Refills 2020'
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Guides to refill safely

Refill / City to Sea have responded with the launch of the Summer of Refills campaign. City to Sea have provided helpful advice on how to safely reuse.. And Refill have produced helpful advice on how to safely refill. Both documents include advice for businesses.

City to Sea's petition to get their big businesses targets accepting reusables again.

Refill Swindon have been working to spread this important messaging. Reuse is safe. It reduces various types of pollution, requires less natural resources, and uses less energy. Reuse is the healthy option!