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21st September 2023
Why Local is Best
A shift towards more local food production, wherever possible, has the potential to bring enormous environmental and social benefits.
19th April 2023
Why Plastic Recycling Doesn't Work
We can't recycle our way out of plastic pollution. They key to dealing with plastic pollution is reduction in plastic production.
11th January 2022
Plastic, Oppression, and the Global Food System
Why does food travel so far? Apples, for instance? How do supermarkets feed environmental and social crises, including plastic pollution? Can they help us solve these crises? The answers lie in understanding the global food system.
Updated 3rd January 2022
Equality and environment
Inequality is at the heart of social and environmental crises including plastic pollution. This article by Tom Wilkes of Swindon Equality Group provides a sound basis on this vitally important subject, details the current situation, and suggests solutions.
24th September 2021
The importance of supporting second-hand, by Carmen Browne
The positive impacts of supporting second hand.
24th July 2021
Plastic, disease and Covid-19
Plastic and disease are correlated. Our response to Covid-19 is making this disease worse.
29th May 2021
Plastic Free Swindon joins the Fediverse!
A decentralised and federated alternative to Facebook which shows much promise.
10th April 2021
Introduction to zero waste
What is zero waste? What are its benefits? Why is it so important?
7th April 2021
Beware plastic recycling
Plastic recycling is not the answer to plastic pollution. We have been misled by Big Plastic and its cronies.
15th March 2021
Keep Swindon Tidy blogs
A new section discussing issues and activities in our efforts to clean up Swindon.
8th October 2020
Trade deal concerns
We discuss concerns that trade deal negotations have been conducted in secret, that corporate interests may be put before our well-being, limiting our ability to deal with plastic pollution and other urgent crises.
8th October 2020
Ending support for Facebook
We discuss concerns about the platform and our reason to stop supporting it.