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Refill is a simple scheme to promote reuse rather than single-use. The Refill app shows where we can refill water, hot drinks, takeaway food, and other plastic-free shopping. Refill was launched by City-to-Sea in Bristol in 2015. It is estimated that Refill has saved over 100 million pieces of plastic from being created.

Various types of reusable containers.  Reads, 'Reduce, reuse, refill, repeat'

There are over 19,000 Refill stations across the UK, which can be found via the Refill app, by looking out for the Refill window sticker / poster, and in Swindon via our local Refill stations list.

Coastal location with a phone displaying an app in the foreground.  Reads, 'Download the Refill app.  Life with less plastic made easy'

Going plastic-free can save money. Businesses / organisations are encouraged to sign up as Refill stations. Key benefits include:

  • 7 out of 10 people would view a business more favourably if it provided free drinking water.
  • 44% of people spend between £2.50 and £5 whilst getting a free water refill.
  • 66% of people said they would be more likely to make a purchase from a business whilst refilling.
  • 65% would be more likely to return to make a future purchase.
  • 64% would choose to make a purchase from a participating business over a competitor.

Refill Swindon launched in 2018. Our work is to raise awareness and support of the scheme, and to facilitate its adoption in Swindon. To do so we provide resources and activities, attend events, and engage with the public, borough and parish councils, businesses and media. We have grown the number of stations from 2 to over 70. You can follow our work via the newsletter and on Facebook.

'The rise of the reusables, #ChooseToReuse'

City to Sea campaign in many other ways on plastic pollution, such as the safety of reuse, plastic-free periods, and government legislation.


Refill sticker being placed in a window
Local Refill stations

With inclusivity in mind, an alternative to using the mobile phone app. Provides stations, addresses, a map, links, and a search.

Refillable detergent bottles
Local Refill / zero waste champions

Some local businesses are leading the way on our journey to eliminate plastic pollution and achieve zero waste. Meet Swindon's Refill / zero waste champions.

Refill app

App for mobile phones. Now includes places to refill for food, drink and other shopping.

Refill sticker being placed in a window
Resources for Refill stations

Get everything you need to let everyone know they can Refill at your station, and which types of Refill you offer.

Takeaway packaging guide

With so many packaging types on the market, navigating terms like compostable, biodegradable and eco-friendly can be a minefield. Which is the most sustainable? And does compostable really mean compostable?

Events guide for organisers

Solutions on Tap is a guide to introducing a reusable cup scheme at an event.

Water fountains

Refill have provided a 'how to' guide for businesses/ organisations looking to install water fountains. We are happy to help how we can.

Refill class assembly

Refill teaching resources aimed at Key Stage 2 children. The fact-filled and interactive presentation will take your class through where our water comes from, why it is so important not to waste water, the effects of plastic pollution and how to get involved with the Refill campaign.

The Life of a Plastic Bottle

This educational resource shows the need for plastic reduction and reuse over recycling.


Plastic Free Periods

Highlighting the hidden plastic in period products and suggesting reusable alternatives. Better for your body, better for the planet. Choose to reuse!

Summer of Refills campaign

Reuse is safe when applying basic hygiene, plastic usage isn't. The aim of the Summer of Refills campaign was to get reuse back on the menu.

Cut the Cutlery

Our takeaway habits are flooding the oceans with plastic. Together with our friends at Greenpeace, we’re taking action to turn the tide on the single-use plastic caused by eating and drinking on the go. Read more.


Refreshed expands the Refill scheme to include food, drink and other shopping.

World Refill Day

World Refill Day is a global public awareness campaign to prevent plastic pollution and help people live with less waste.

All Refill campaigns and resources, old and new, are here.

Local activities

Refill promotional boards outside the Swindon Hub
World Refill Day 2022

We relaunched the local scheme with a new organising team for World Refill Day 2022. We spent the day in the Swindon Hub. Lots of other activities going on.

Refill Swindon launch.  The Refill co-ordinator stands with the Swindon mayor.
Refill Swindon launch

Refill Swindon was launched in September 2018 at the Swindon Repair Cafe and Free Shop at Eastcott Community Centre.

Refill quiz

How well can you do at our Refill quiz?

Assortment of plastic items
Treasures From Our Trash

Photography competition aimed to encourage thought on waste and reuse.