Ending support for Facebook

8th October 2020

You won't find us on Facebook

We recently made the difficult decision to stop supporting Facebook. There are clear positives to using the platform. Whilst this might seem counter-productive to our aims, there are many good reasons for it. It is clear that proprietary software and services, including Facebook, are being / have been used to disinform to manipulate. The interference of Cambridge Analytica in recent UK and US elections is one example of this. Mass surveillance is about control of the masses.

Close Windows Open Doors campaign

The Prism Break website provides a window into the surveillance that occurs through supposedly free proprietary software / services from companies, such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Zoom. As Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, stated, “Data is the new oil”.

Free open source software (FOSS) is important for a free society, so we’re looking into FOSS alternatives to Facebook. Of particular interest is software that is part of the Fediverse, It is based on principles of decentralisation and federation which diminish the power of a few to control digital information and, hence, us.

Further information
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  • Your internet identity: How you are tracked by Google and Facebook.