Working together to end plastic pollution

Plastic pollution causes disease and suffering. It contributes to climate change and mass extinction. It may threaten our existence.

Plastic Free Swindon is an organisation dedicated to help end plastic pollution. We are part of Friends of the Earth and the global Break Free From Plastic movement. We are working to develop a system of zero waste; good for the environment, people, animals, and local economies.

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Government corruption

Chart showing waste generation per capita 2016.  The USA top the chart, followed by the UK
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The UK government are not world leaders in dealing with plastic waste, as they claim to be. In fact the UK is the 2nd biggest producer of plastic per person in the world. Much of our plastic waste is still dumped on poor countries or incinerated, polluting the environment and us along with it. Indeed the government partner with the World Economic Forum, which consists of Big Plastic / Big Oil and the banks who fund them. Hence we have no guarantees from local MPs that trade deals won't hinder our ability to deal with plastic pollution. As government disinformation and connections with the oil industry are increasingly understood, they are attempting to make themselves unaccountable, described as a "power grab" by Liberty human rights organisation.

Topics include The Environment Act 2022, Plastic Packaging Tax, Deposit Return Scheme (DRS), waste incineration, The PCSC Act, trade deals, fracking, zero waste, and The Bill of Rights Bill. Read more.