Refill Swindon launch

On the 2nd September 2018, Refill Swindon launched at the Eastcott community centre Repair Café and Free Shop. With the help of Deputy Mayor, Cllr Kevin Parry, the scheme was officially welcomed to the town, encouraging a spike in interest as people got involved and spread the blue logo further across Swindon.

Councillor Parry said “I’m fully supportive of this campaign and I was delighted to launch it. Anything we can do as a town to reduce plastic waste has got to be a positive step and it’ s really good I think to see small and national businesses coming out to support it. The less plastic we use, the less litter we’re going to create and that has to be a positive impact on the town centre.”

With each household using an average of 480 of them a year and each individual spending £25,000 over their lifetime, plastic bottles really have become an ordinary sight for most of us. With the help of Swindon businesses, Refill Swindon is on a mission to stop this. Encouraging the town to dig out their reusable bottles, we are making refilling your water bottle as easy, convenient and cheap as possible. Among the first businesses, shops, cafes and offices to have signed up to the scheme include:

  • Swindon Pulse Wholefoods
  • Baristocats cafe
  • Haydon Wick Parish Council offices
  • Nando’s Orbital
  • The Fox and Hounds pub, Haydon Wick
  • Penhill Chip Shop
  • Prospect Hospice Baguette Bar
  • Cowpuccinos, Wroughton
  • Wroughton Parish Council

Without the help of these businesses, Refill Swindon would not be a success. See the app or local stations list for all supporting businesses. We welcome people who want to get involved in the scheme. If this is you, then please contact us and help our town become plastic free!!

The Swindon Advertiser covered the event in this article.