Cambria Bridge: waste facilitation

27th June 2021

I worked on planning applications in previous work for Swindon Climate Action Network. One of the key objections to planning proposals that I looked at was that there weren’t adequate facilities or infrastructure for new housing. This can impact on waste and litter.

A pile of rubbish bags on a narrow stretch of pavement on Cambria Bridge with a lorry parked in the road make it difficult to pass by

Cambria Bridge, close to town, is a good example of poor waste facilitation. George Brockbanks, my former neighbour, took action to highlight the problem and get the council to deal with rubbish bags, litter and flytipping in the area. He is now in discussions with the borough council to sort out the problems. George and I have spoken many times over the years about these problems. It’s sad that such action is needed for the council to provide what should be a basic function. I keep hearing that residents are to blame for these problems. But does that accurately reflect the situation?

I often hear rented accommodation cited as a contributory factor in areas being neglected; landlords who care primarlily for profit and tenants with little care for their accommodation or the surrounding area. There are many HMOs in the Cambria Bridge area. With limited space in tiny flats, many people put their rubbish out early rather than keep it indoors in a confined space. With little room on the pavement for waste and recycling and no waste collection bins provided, bags block the pavement. So waste facilitation is needed. With this in mind, I made a suggestion to local borough and parish councillor Junab Ali, for residents of this area to be provided large waste bins which will be placed in the road. He is taking this idea to the borough council.

George's positive actions are helping to make a difference. Let’s hope that this finally gets sorted! We'll keep you posted.

Article by Ben Bell