12th October 2022


Fracking is a destructive and polluting way of obtaining natural gas that causes earthquakes, releases greenhouse gases, and harms the health of human and animals (see the 'fracking' section of our library for further info). The moratorium on fracking was lifted on 22nd September 2022 under then Prime Minister Liz Truss. With fracking linked to plastic production / pollution, we wrote to both local MPs.

Both local MPs "voted against explicitly requiring an environmental permit for hydraulic fracturing activities." Justin Tomlinson "voted not to ban the exploitation of unconventional petroleum for at least 18 months and not to require a review of the impact of such exploitation on climate change, the environment, the economy, and health and safety be carried out and published." Robert Buckland was absent for that vote. Their voting records on fracking are here: Robert Buckland | Justin Tomlinson.


  • Correspondence with Robert Buckland, MP for south Swindon)
  • Awaiting response...

  • Correspondence with Justin Tomlinson, MP for north Swindon.
  • Correspondence with Heidi Alexander, Labour parliamentary candidate for south Swindon.
  • Correspondence with Scott Hunter, Socialist Party Swindon.
  • Correspondence with other parties: Green, Liberal Democrats. Awaiting responses...
  • Awaiting responses...