Deposit Return Scheme (DRS)


If implemented well, Deposit Return Schemes can be hugely beneficial and effective in siginificantly reducing plastic production / pollution.

The UK government agreed to implement a DRS in 2018. Public consultation happened in 2019. We are now told that it will be implemented in 2024. Concerns are that:

The implementation of a DRS is vital to its effectiveness in reducing plastic and other pollution. This article, criticising the German Pfand System, demonstrates the point.

Take action

  • Sign The Campaign to Protect Rural England's petition for a comprehensive / effective DRS by 2023.
  • Take our simple action to write to your MP.
  • Correspondence

    We wrote to local MPs to make the social, environmental, and economical case for zero waste. The correspondence with Robert Buckland includes details on the Deposit Return Scheme (DRS).:

  • Correspondence with Justin Tomlinson
  • Coming soon...

  • Correspondence with Robert Buckland
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