Wrong messaging on waste incineration enables plastic pollution

Update 7th October 2021

Swindon Borough Council's messaging on waste incineration / waste-to-energy is wrong. They claim the Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) plant at Cheney Manor to be one of “a number of initiatives that continue to benefit the Council, its residents and the wider borough”. How is polluting the environment of benefit to anyone? This incorrect messaging enables plastic pollution as many may then believe that the current system to be beneficial. See the government waste incineration section for further details.

So we made this point in our response to the borough council on the carbon reduction strategy for 2020 and followed that up with Keith Williams. Without response to key questions for over 5 weeks, we wrote a letter to the Swindon Advertiser. They published this article. It omits the point made on the connection between the UK government and the World Economic Forum, key to understanding the non-solutions being offered in place of effective legislation.

Despite understanding that the SRF plant is not beneficial, the borough council state that they will not amend the incorrect messaging and, so, will disinform the public. Read full correspondence.