SBC's carbon reduction strategy

Updated 26th September 2021

We responded to Swindon Borough Council's draft carbon reduction strategy in December 2020. Re plastic, there seem to have been no revisions to the published strategy. Hence we have written to Keith Williams, Cabinet Member for Climate Change to ask the borough council to take appropriate action. Of particular concern is the borough council's incorrect messaging on waste incineration / waste-to-energy, claiming it to be beneficial. This wrong messaging enables plastic pollution, as people believe the current system to be healthy / sustainable.

Regarding waste incineration, the borough council are to continue disinforming the public that the Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) plant is beneficial.

After over 5 weeks without resonse, we wrote this letter to the Swindon Advertiser:

2 days after sending them the letter, we received this response from Keith Williams:

Without contacting us at all, the Adver published this article, " 'Do more to cut plastic' campaigner urges Swindon council " on the 2nd October 2021. It omits the points detailing the government's lack of ambition to reduce plastic production (and hence pollution) and their partnership with the World Economic Forum. These points call into question the government's integrity.

At this point, Ben spoke with Keith on the phone to ensure that correspondence was conveyed accurately.