Borough council and parish councils

Updated 30th April 2021
Council elections 2021

With urgent needs to change how plastic is dealt with in Swindon, we wrote to each party asking if they would support the implementation of a system of zero waste. 3 out of the 4 main parties agreed to do so. Read in full.

Plastic not mentioned in draft Carbon Reduction Strategy

In November 2020, the council released their draft carbon reduction strategy for consultation. There is no mention of plastic even though our use of plastic is a significant and growing factor in climate change. The document attempts to convey the use of waste-to-energy as environmentally and socially beneficial. So we have submitted a response which seeks to set the record straight and provide genuine solutions. Full details here:

Keep Swindon Tidy campaign

We have been engaging with parish councils for the Keep Swindon Tidy campaign, asking if they will support in a number of ways. Check out our poster making and Keep Swindon Tidy Day for further info.

Unhealthy waste incineration / waste-to-energy

Check out our 'No to waste incineration' article. It includes info on the Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) plant at Cheney Manor, the approved incinerator at South Marston, and a proposed incinerator at neighbouring Westbury.