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Cut the Cutlery win

19th January 2023

City to Sea's Cut the Cutlery campaign, supported by Greenpeace, has forced the government to ban further items of single-use plastic. A win for people power! But is it enough? What is needed from the government to effectively deal with plastic pollution?

Part 1:

Part 2:



Keep Swindon Tidy worked for many months at Rivermead in 2022. Other organisations have also been working to transform the area for local communities, wildlife, and environment.

Keep Swindon Tidy

12th September 2022

Interview with Karen Leggett, a member of Keep Swindon Tidy. What work has been done to clean up Rivermead? What difference has it made?

Westlea Church & Friends Litter Pickers

21st August 2022

Interview with Moya Pinson, organiser of Westlea Church & Friends Litter Pickers. How has the group contributed to the new BMX track? What can the BMX track offer to the local community? What is the importance of positive community activities?

West Swindon Parish Council

12th September 2022

Interview with Swindon Borough and Westlea Parish Councillor, Suresh Gattapur. How have the parish council contributed to local efforts to transform Rivermead? How did the parish council help fund the new BMX track? How can the BMX track help young people?

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

19th August 2022

Interview with Neil Pullen, Swindon Conservation Lead for Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. What conservation work have Wiltshire Wildlife Trust been doing at Rivermead? What's the importance of that work for the local area? What's the importance of that work to meet environmental targets?


Work continues at Rivermead...

The David and Goliath Tapes


26th September 2022


Interview with Marcus Kittridge, co-owner of Baristocats cafe on Commercial Road SN1. Why is a thriving small business struggling to stay afloat? How is the market rigged in favour of Big Business? How do financial pressures on Baristocats affect their ability to operate sustainably? What is the importance of good local governance to keep the town clean and tidy?

Swindon Pulse Wholefoods

14th October 2022


Interview with Cath, a member of the worker's co-operative Swindon Pulse Wholefoods. What are the hidden costs of buying cheap products from supermarkets? What are the benefits of supporting local indepent traders? What are the benefits of buying organic food?

Public open spaces

28th November 2023


Interview with Josie Lewis about the importance of public open spaces, in response to proposals to build 2 large tower blocks in the town centre.

Small Change Festival 2022


14th September 2022


Interview with Jen Gale about her work, Sustainble(ish). What is sustainable(ish)? Why sustainable(ish) rather than sustainable? What benefits can an approach of small steps to sustainability have?


Archaic Revival

17th October 2022

Interview with Ross Sheppard of local business venture Archaic Revival. What is Archaic Revival? What is the importance of retaining foraging information passed down by our ancestors? What's it like to eat seasonal local food from nature compared to supermarket food?