The Birds and Bees show

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Swindon 105.5 is an informative, entertaining, and empowering community radio station run by and for local people / communities.

Ayaan, Gerry, Ruth, Shirley, and Ben are the presenters for The Birds and Bees show. It covers a wide range of important local and national activities, events, and issues. We are joined each month by borough councillors for the environment, Chris Watts and Jane Milner-Barry.


The show airs each Friday between 2 and 3pm on 105.5FM and via the live stream. It is then available on catch up, on Mixcloud and on the mobile app.


Swindon 105.5 has various online outlets: Website, live stream, Facebook, Instagram, Mixcloud, and YouTube.


If you have something of interest to contribute to the show, please get in touch.

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The importance of independent media

Concentrated UK media ownership is empowering wealthy media owners to disinform and manipulate the public. So it's important that we find other avenues to communicate.