• The library
    Education is key to making positive change. So we provide this library of information on all things plastic sorted by category and date. Includes articles by us.
  • The life of a plastic bottle
    Plastic doesn't just pollute when it's disposed of, it pollutes all through its 'life'. Follow the life of a plastic bottle on its journey from the sourcing of raw materials through to its eventual disposal.
  • Films
    A list containing some excellent films concerning the many aspects of plastic.

Refill Swindon

  • The new Refill app
    Smart phone app to connect with places to refill and reuse. It expanded in Autumn 2020 to include food and other shopping items.
  • Refill Swindon stations list
    Local businesses that have signed up as Refill stations.

Keep Swindon Tidy


  • Events
    We are available to provide education on plastic pollution, give presentations and attend other events, including online. Please contact us to discuss requirements.
  • Links
    Local, national and international groups, websites and resources.