-Community and environment-


-Community and environment-


Break Free From Plastic logo
Break Free From Plastic
is a global movement to stop plastic pollution for good made up of over 1900 organisations.

Zero Waste Europe logo
Zero Waste Europe
is a 'movement of communities, local leaders, businesses, experts, influencers and other “change agents” working towards the same vision: eliminating waste in our society.'

Zero Waste Cities logo
Zero Waste Cities
'approach is a continuous effort to phase out waste – not by burning or landfilling it – but instead by creating and implementing systems that do not generate waste in the first place.'

Upstream Solutions logo
Upstream Solutions
'spark innovative solutions to plastic pollution. But the problem isn't just plastic. It's really the throw-away culture at the root of plastic pollution and a host of other issues. So we're building a movement to "make throw-away go away" through innovation, policy and culture change. And we want you to join us in changing the world...'

The Story of Stuff Project logo
The Story of Stuff Project
'have a problem with Stuff: we have too much of it, too much of it is toxic, and we don’t share it very well. But that’s not the way things have to be...'

Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) logo
Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA)
are a worldwide alliance of more than 800 grassroots groups, non-governmental organizations, and individuals in over 90 countries whose ultimate vision is a just, toxic-free world without incineration.

The CHEM Trust logo
The CHEM Trust
aim 'to prevent man-made chemicals from causing long term damage to wildlife or humans, by ensuring that chemicals which cause such harm are substituted with safer alternatives.'

The Zero Waste International Alliance logo
The Zero Waste International Alliance
are 'working towards a world without waste through public education and practical application of Zero Waste principles.'

Zero waste world / GAIA logo
Zero Waste World
is part of GAIA and provides zero waste resources.

The Wayfinder Society logo
The Wayfinder Society
is an organisation for young people to get involved in tackling plastic pollution. Plenty of resources and activities to become a plastic-free campaigner!

Plastic Soup Foundation logo
The Plastic Soup Foundation
work to 'stop the plastic soup tsunami as soon as possible! If we do not achieve this, we are leaving future generations with a terrible plastic plague. We are a ‘single issue’ environmental organization that is concerned with one thing: stopping plastic pollution at its source.

Plastic Health Coalition logo
The Plastic Health Coalition
'are constituted of leading scientists, policymakers and innovators. Their work concerns understanding the effects of microplastic pollution on human health. They fund scientific research and provide educational resources towards that aim.'

IPEN logo
IPEN (International Pollutants Elimination Network)
" is a global network forging a healthier world where people and the environment are no longer harmed by the production, use, and disposal of toxic chemicals".