Litter picks

The first event of our campaign on the 1st July 2018 was a litter pick in Pinehurst jointly organised with RSPCA North Wiltshire. They kindly wrote an article about their work helping animals injured by our litter. We have organised regular litter picks since, working with people and organisations around Swindon to keep our town healthy and clean for all. Read our blogs for info on our work and the issues we deal with. Contact us to get involved.


Here are some of the organisations that we've worked with:

RSPCA North Wiltshire & Newbury

As mentioned, our opening event was co-organised with RSPCA North Wiltshire for Plastic Free July 2018. We went on to jointly organise many litter picks together. Their work includes helping animals who are injured because of litter. They wrote this article for us about their work and the problems for local wildlife with regards to to litter. Full details on our work with them here.

Swindon Street Reps / Junior Reps

A voluntary group connected to the council, Pride of Swindon award winners and nominated for the 2021 TPAS team award nationally. Swindon Street Reps are passionate about making their communities nicer places to live. Among their activities, they organise community litter picks, and inform the community about issues of pollution, waste disposal and recycling. It has been a pleasure to work with the Street Reps and Junior Reps. They do great work around Swindon. Contact them to get involved!

Westlea Church and friends

This monthly event was set up in 2016 by Richard Williams and is regularly organised by Moya Pinson. The group are registered and work closely with West Swindon Parish Council who provide equipment and support. Members ages range between 9 to over 80 years old! Through the lockdowns, members continued to clean the local area albeit separately.

Eastcott Community Organisation

We worked with Eastcott Community Organisation and local historian Andy Binks (Swindon Society / Swindon Heritage magazine / cemetery tours) to put on a historical tour litter pick around Eastcott, including the wildlife haven that is Radnor Street Cemetary. At the end of the event, we looked through the chapel at the rich history on display.

Parish councils

We work with parish councils, especially Central North Swindon, Central South Swindon, Haydon Wick, Highworth, West Swindon, and Wroughton.

West Swindon FAB (Flowers and Butterflies)

This group carries on the great work of FAB, started by the locally-renowned John Ball. Examples of their work can be seen on Shaw Ridge, including the crescent of daffodils. They are so supportive of local regeneration efforts, collaborating with many organisations, including the local parish council. They were key to our efforts at Rivermead.