Oasis: Open letter

21st January 2023

It's 3 years since Keep Swindon Tidy first started cleaning the Oasis. Returning to the site, the same neglect by its supposed guardians, Seven Capital, has led to the site becoming an abomination. The Swindon Advertiser recently documented the awful state it's been allowed to get into.

Swindon Borough Council have failed to provide consequences to Seven Capital for consistently breaching the stipulation in the leasehold contract which requires Seven Capital to keep "any landscaped areas of the Property reasonably well tended". With no responsibility being taken for the site by its supposed guardians, we have written the following open letter to Seven Capital and Swindon Borough Council asking what, if anything, is to be done, and offering to work with them to positively transform the space for the town's human and animal residents.

Awaiting responses...