Oasis desecrated

18th February 2022

Reports came back recently that the Oasis continues to be treated like a dump by the public and Seven Capital, its supposed guardians. There is heavy littering around the site. The state of the skate park especially is atrocious. A whole bathroom set is broken up in the car park. A security guard at the site confirmed that “it has not been cleaned for a long time”. Seven Capital continue to contravene the terms of their lease of the Oasis. The borough council continue to enable this appalling situation by not enforcing the leasehold terms. Despite all evidence to the contrary, borough council leader David Reynard claimed at the public borough council meeting on the 17th February 2022 that Seven Capital endeavoured to keep the site clean and tidy.

Trees and other greenery have been hacked down by builders hired by Seven Capital who have no experience in landscaping. This at a time of ecological crisis. After 15 months, the borough council has finally responded to a query from the Save The Oasis campaign. They claim that they “will raise the matter with Seven Capital and request regular maintenance visits are put in place. The Council has organised the work on this occasion and our operatives are on site today.” Why has it taken 15 months to get a response? And why are the borough council using public time, funds, and staff to do work that should have been undertaken by Seven Capital?

The Swindon Advertiser covered some of the latest developments (1 | 2 | 3). Thanks to the people and groups actively fighing to restore the Oasis to public ownership for the well-being of the site, local communities and wildlife. Hope in positve action, in community, in sharing, in co-operation.

Blog by Ben Bell