Council elections 2021

Updated 21st May 2021

We wrote to the council leaders of each political party in advance of the council elections 2021, to convey important information and ask for support to transition to a system of zero waste. Responses from the Conservative Party, Green Party, and Liberal Democrats were all supportive. No response from the Labour Party.

Post election update: As the Conservative Party extended their majority in council, it is well worth reading through the correspondence with Keith Williams, the Conservative councillort for climate change. Please note particularly points about the use of Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF). The creation and use of SRF is not beneficial. The only current viable alternative to this system is to move towards reduction and reuse, not in alternative methods of processing plastics. This is a vital point.


Randomly ordered so as not to introduce bias.

  • Response from the Green Party
  • Supportive of a zero waste system.

  • Response from the Liberal Democrats
  • Supportive of a zero waste system.

  • Response from the Conservative Party
  • Supportive of a zero waste system

    Awaiting response...

  • Response from the Labour Party
  • No response.