Lush bottle tops project 2022

21st December 2021

We have been contacted by Lush Swindon, asking if we would promote a reuse project. Lush go the extra mile to be an ethical and environmentally considerate organisation. Like us,they are working towards a zero waste system. So we're happy to promote their good work!

A large pile of HDPE bottle tops
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Lush are collecting HDPE bottle tops for a fun project in the summer of 2022. They're asking the people of Swindon to collect and send them. They can be posted or taken to the shop in the town centre.

Most bottle lids are HDPE (fizzy drinks / milk / water bottles...). To ensure that the lid is HDPE, look out for the plastic recycling log with the number 2 printed either on the inside of the bottle lid or on the main packaging (see images above). Lush are unable to collect larger lids like those found on coffee jars, laundry detergents etc. Donations should be no larger than a standard milk bottle top. Please note that Lush's main Green Hub in Poole is not taking donations as they are inundated with bottle tops and have no room to store them.

Lush say that they are incredibly grateful for any and all donations.