Armchair activism

The launch of this activity was covered in the Swindon Advertiser.

For Plastic Free July 2020, we encouraged the people of Swindon to get involved in some armchair activism. We are extending that indefinitely as it's proving to be very useful for our work in many ways. All contributions very much appreciated. They add up and contribute to a larger body of work.

A jellyfish constructed from a plastic bag kills a fish with its tentacles

Two parts to this action, take either or both.

  • Ask for better from businesses!

    Eliminating plastics from our lives can be difficult. For instance, I play the guitar and can't find a set of guitar strings that don't come wrapped in plastic. So, I have emailed the company I buy guitar strings from and asked if they will make changes. We encourage you to do the same; state the problem, provide alternatives, encourage, and please be polite! Please send us the correspondence to publish on the website.

  • Ask for legislation from MPs

    We desperately need strong legislation to stem the production of plastic. The Environment Bill, as it stands, does not provide that. We have formulated a simple action to write to or otherwise contact MPs, with a template letter for you to use if you wish.
  • If you prefer you can speak with or write letters to business and MPs. However you decide to communicate, please send us the correspondence at **javascript protected email address**, which we will publish on the website. Let's see what we can do when we work together...

    Some examples to get the ball rolling...

    We thought it would be a good idea to start you off with a few examples. Please have a read, get inspired and then get writing! Or talking!

    • Dear Carbon Theory
      Can you please start using recyclable packaging?
      From Michelle.
    • Hi Compassion in World Farming,
      Can you please change from using plastic to wrap your Christmas cards?
      From Ben.