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Keep Swindon Tidy poster making

Sunset in Swindon with the Keep Swindon logo

Can you design a poster to encourage us all to Keep Swindon Tidy? We have just launched this new Swindon-wide activity with Keep Swindon Tidy for kids and big kids (adults) alike. Get involved to help end the culture of littering!

Refill Refeshed

Refill Refreshed

The award winning Refill campaign has expanded beyond just bottled water. Download the new app and further reduce that plastic!

COVID-19 information

COVID-19 virus

Scientists confirm the safety of reuse and the dangers of plastic packaging re virus transmission and disease. Plastic pollution has greatly increased. Globally we have been using 129 billion masks and 65 billion gloves per month since the start of the pandemic. These important issues and more are addressed in the COVID-19 section of the library. See also the Summer of Refills campaign.

Screenings of the Story of Plastic film

The Story of Stuff logo

We are providing screenings of the excellent Story of Plastic film, which includes a discussion afterwards. Please contact us if you would like to arrange a screening.

Summer of Refills campaign

Summer of Refills

Reuse is back on the menu! We are supporting the Summer of Refills campaign. The information is vital to stop us producing more unnecessary single-use plastic.

We now have a non-active account which points to this website. This article explains why.