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Can you design a poster to encourage us all to Keep Swindon Tidy?

Keep Swindon Tidy litter pick

Litter is a big problem in Swindon, as it is across the UK and around the world. It is a problem for our health physically and mentally. In dealing with a virus, we have created billions of masks and gloves that end up polluting our environment.

What can we do to reduce litter?

Signs encouraging people to keep our town tidy are one way to reduce litter, helping create new healthy norms. So we have been working with Keep Swindon Tidy to host a poster making collaboration. Some of these posters will be displayed on signposts in public areas. We urge you, kids and adults alike, to make a poster and help end the culture of littering in Swindon.

Our first entry!

Entries can address any aspects of litter, such as avoiding single use plastic, reusable masks, safety for wildlife, taking litter home, using bins... Entries could relate to the whole of Swindon or just to a particular area; for example: Keep our Town Centre tidy or Keep Haydon Wick Tidy.

Co-operation makes it happen!

This isn't a competition, it’s about co-operation. All entries will be displayed with the name and age of the artist on our gallery page. As the gallery grows, the posters will be available for other residents, community groups and schools to download, print off and display, to encourage us all to help keep our neighbourhoods looking lovely.

Many parish councils are supportive of this activity and have agreed to display entries on signposts in public areas / areas of prominent littering.

Please send entries to **javascript protected email address**, including the entrant's:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Parish
  • School or organisation (optional)

Please keep the original in case your entry is chosen to be displayed on a signpost. This is an ongoing proect, so there's no planned closing date yet..

Credit to artists will be given where possible when printed, but all entrants accept that their design may be reproduced without credit upon emailing it to the given address. Entries can also be removed at **javascript protected email address**, if required. Please contact us with any questions.

Old Town Gardens in blossom
© & courtesy of We Are Swindon

We look forward to seeing the inspiring and imaginative designs that Swindon's budding artists send in!

Draw the change that you want to see in the world...
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See our litter pick section for further info on our efforts to deal with litter in Swindon.